Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mint yoghurt ice-cream

Summer has come to an end – did it happen? – and surely so too will my mint.

I came across this recipe in an old Delicious magazine in a waiting room recently. As always, five seconds after one finds the first snippet of interest in the supplied reading matter, one is called. I did not rip it out, nor ask for a photocopy. No. Try me on a polygraph or stick gramophone needles under my nails. I remembered stuff and made up the gaps and maybe looked about online a bit. It went something like the following, which seemed to work okay:

2 cups castor sugar, simmered for about 15 minutes with 2 cups water to make syrup, then chilled
about a cup of fresh mint leaves
half a cup lemon juice
2 cups yoghurt
half a cup cream, whipped

Get a stick blender into the chilled syrup along with mint leaves and lemon juice. Whisk cream together with yoghurt and add cream. Add green syrup (I kept half a cup back for mojitos, only because I was worried about the amount of liquid going into the ice-cream) and whisk to combine.

Churn in an ice-cream maker. Freeze. Done!


  1. Really? You had mojitos? I really need more mint...

  2. Well, not quite yet. It seems the rum stocks are in need of replenishing. But the mint syrup's in the fridge, just waiting for such an eventuality.